Your universal loyalty app, offering you cool custom rewards, from your favourite brands.

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South Africa’s only Universal Loyalty Program.

Loyalty and the rewards it bestows shouldn’t be tied to a select few brands – we think everyone deserves a piece of the cake. ReMe will soon be available in several locations across Cape Town and Johannesburg, with many more on the way.

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What drives ReMe

Our App is built upon three very simplistic concepts:

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    Just whip out your mobile phone to Read any QR code at your favourite spots around town. Let the loyalty point collection begin.

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    Once you’ve built up loyalty at your beloved locale, you can seamlessly start claiming a wide variety of custom Rewards for your dedication to that brand.

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    ReMe Remembers your favourite brands, keeping you up to date with their latest deals and offers.

Businesses we work with

  • Restaurants

    Who said there was no such thing as a free lunch?

  • Retail

    Good old fashioned retail therapy, now with more rewards.

  • Laundry

    Maybe doing your laundry doesn’t have to be boring?

  • Car Wash

    Apparently your car’s image is a reflection of your own – make sure it’s a decent one.

  • Cafés

    Everyone loves a good cup of Joe.

  • Bars & Clubs

    For all you rock stars out there.

  • Wellness & Beauty

    Now you have even fewer excuses to be the best and healthiest version of yourself.

  • Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt

    More ice cream and frozen yoghurt never hurt anyone.

One App. All your Loyalty.

Replace all those losable loyalty cards, and instead use one universal app.

Keep track of your loyalty programs, or discover and engage with new ones that you may not have previously thought of. Use our in-app geolocation system to find the nearest brands who use ReMe and access more exciting rewards than ever before!

Your loyalty goes beyond just what you buy, receive loyalty points for anything from walking into the store, to mentioning that brand to your friends on social media. It’s time you were truly rewarded for your awesome loyalty.


Our Second Tier

Our service boasts an exciting Second Tier, where you can be rewarded for going above and beyond the regular customer’s interaction with ReMe.

Alpaca Lottery


The leveling system built into ReMe allows you to gain progressively easier access to our impressive monthly lottery by completing simple in-app tasks.


We believe in rewards, that’s why we created our lottery giving you the chance to win lavish prizes on a monthly basis.

We at ReMe want to shine a light on your true brand loyalty, and to justly reward you for your awesome commitment.

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